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Thank you for visiting this site.

Most of my time is spent writing. I do it because I like it, and hope what’s published will please, but I write for myself, and don’t try to please everyone.

When I’m not writing I look after our garden, cook – see random recipes – and spend time with friends and family. I enjoy music, movies, and go to the theatre. I read a lot, and watch a little TV.

I care for the environment and wildlife, but worry more and more about man’s destruction of our planet and what will be left for future generations, hoping when we come to our senses, it won’t be too late. I’m grateful I have a roof over my head, food and water, heating, plenty to read, and access to films and TV.

I remain an optimist, a progressive, and have confidence in our ability to strive for a better world. It’s a hell of a lot improved from when I was born.

I hope you and your family and friends are well and staying happy and safe in these weird times.


My recent publications

Life in four stories 

Four shorts: two about life, love, and death; one a poignant and disturbing memory that dangles a question unanswered; and one a wild fantasy – plus the first chapter of my latest book, Otto and Frankie.

All proceeds go to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to help the most vulnerable communities.

By buying this book you are helping fund ICRC in its valuable work.

Thank you.

My latest novel, Otto and Frankie, is about a dying man’s fight against injustice, his wife’s unusual affair, and the love from his long-lost daughter. 

Otto and his daughter Frankie could not be more different. He’s rich, an acclaimed author, human rights activist, and lives in England. She lives in New York, just about survives from one pay cheque to the next and hasn’t seen or spoken to her father for twenty years. Dutifully reunited by his impending death, she’s amazed to find him a kind and noble man who, while grappling with his wife’s bizarre affair, champions for the world’s forgotten and dispossessed to his last. After Otto’s death, Frankie’s admiration for her father leads her into a dangerous and life changing pursuit.

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