A huge victory for polar bears

Two polar bears show their joy at the news an appeal court in America has rejected the US government’s proposal to drill for oil in their backyard.

For polar bears life is a worry. Their habitat, the ice cap of the Arctic is melting. Unless the melt is halted, polar bears will have nowhere to live, threatening their existence. A consortium made up of Defenders of Wildlife, Greenpeace, and Pacific Environment brought a lawsuit against the US government’s plans to drill for oil in federal Arctic waters, offering conclusive evidence that the plan would endanger local communities, animals, and the environment. The consortium won, and the plan has been halted before it starts.

This is a victory for the bears, the local community, and the environment. Well done, but the oil companies will be back and need to be fought.

To read the full article, go to White Wolf Pack,  an organisation for the protection of polar bears, wolves, and other threatened species.

To find out more about Greenpeace and donate, click here.


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