Two happy bears beat the Covid blues!

These two bears made me smile, helping me escape from the pessimists and doom spreaders who tell us every day how Covid will affect our lifestyle for sometime. How negative! Man has an admirable history of overcoming adversity and bouncing back, better and wiser, mending and rebuilding the damage done both to our buildings and to us. We possess an innate quality to heal and improve. 

The casualties and scars of any disaster are many. Covid is no exception, and I feel for those who’ve lost a loved one, those who’re affected by long Covid, and the many who’ve had their livelihoods diminished. My heart goes out to all of you.

It’s easy and could be mistaken as patronising to say life will get better. But it will. Man is not content to stand still. Going back through time, humans have always sought to improve their lot, and because of this I remain optimistic, dismissing the doom mongers and focusing on a better future after Covid, even if we have to live with a few restrictions for a while.

I’m repetitive. My last blog was on similar lines, but I sincerely believe governments and world leaders will work together more and more to do whatever is needed to keep the virus at bay, or best eradicate it, and make the world a better place.    

So, stay optimistic, keep smiling, and have fun, like the bears.


My recent publications

Otto and Frankie, my latest novel, is about a dying man’s fight against injustice, his wife’s unusual affair, and the love from his long-lost daughter. 

Otto and his daughter Frankie could not be more different. He’s rich, an acclaimed author, human rights activist, and lives in England. She lives in New York, just about survives from one pay cheque to the next and hasn’t seen or spoken to her father for twenty years. Dutifully reunited by his impending death, she’s amazed to find him a kind and noble man who, while grappling with his wife’s bizarre affair, champions for the world’s forgotten and dispossessed to his last. After Otto’s death, Frankie’s admiration for her father leads her into a dangerous and life changing pursuit.

Life in four stories 

Recently I donated a substantial sum to the INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE OF THE RED CROSS (ICRC) from the proceeds of this little book of shorts. ICRC help the most vulnerable communities fight COVID – 19.

Four shorts: two about life, love, and death; one a poignant and disturbing memory that dangles a question unanswered; and one a wild fantasy – plus the first chapter of my latest book, Otto and Frankie.

By buying this book you are helping fund ICRC in its valuable work.

Thank you.

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